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Friend's of Bill social meet-ups in NNJ

Your friends and family are welcome too!

Image by Dane Deaner

The Story of SoberFun

In the summer of 2014, a small group of us from St Barts in HoHoKus NJ, who barely knew each other, decided to meet-up on a Saturday and go lazy river rafting on the Delaware River. We were a diverse group of socially awkward people who didnt have much in common, besides where we had first met.  People brought their kids, and family. It turned into a water fight with lots of gut-busting laughter, and new sober friendships were made.  After that day, we decided to schedule other sober meet-ups and word spread in our community. 

Today we have over 1000 members, and generally host one or two events every month. 

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